Please welcome, Chris & Heather O’Neill!

Chris O’Neill (he) is an award-winning game designer, best known for KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY and Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying; and as the creator of the polymorph™️ system. He is the founder of 9th Level Games which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2024. Chris collects vintage RPG ephemera in his free time.

Heather O’Neill (she) is a board game and roleplaying designer, producer, and publisher. Her best-known games are Schrodinger’s Cats, Meeple Party, and the upcoming Venture Society RPG. She is the CEO of 9th Level Games and the Director of UNPUB, the Unpublished Game Network; as well as an in-demand consultant for crowdfunding projects. Heather loves cats, travel, and spreadsheets.