Artist Alley

2021 Artist Alley Line Up

Alexandra Thek
Alysa Avery
Arcane Inkdustries
Art is My Voice
Astin Stratoti
Atra Messor Art
Ben Hunt Designs
Black Out Art
Bob Tkacik
Brit K. Caley
Bullets Bourbon Comics
Clandroids Battle Bots
C’lay La Vie
Coral Isabella Aurora
Crafty Queer Studio
Craig Holland Illustration
Davis Arts – Fandoms Illustrated
Designs by Dennis
Dirk Shearer
Don Higgins Illustration
Earth’s Best Entertainment
E. Julien Coyne
Epik Asia
Fat Guy Inc
Gabriel Ribeiro Illustrations
Geekling Creations
Geoff Mosse
Griffin Ess / Shaded Areas
HAMILTOONS Caricatures
HappyKittyShop Plushies
Heather Morris
Hero Shack Press
Horror Writer Duane E. Coffill
HR Farrington Art & Illustration
Husky-Leaf Studios
Jesse Lundberg
J.Cochrane Creations
Juliana Oliveira
Katelyn Gagnon
KC Wilsons
Keegan Currier Illustration
Kitschy Stitchy Kylie

Lauren Krugh
Livid Comics
Loops and Lilacs Crochet and Crafts
MaggieDufresne and KrisKernInk
Mag Na Mell
Margaret Gresock
Mayoking Comics
Misty’s Little Mistakes
MKT Comics & Art
Neemo Likes Art
Nerdy Kid Designs
Phoenyx Artt
Rich Bernatovech
Rosewin Koi
Run the Risk Comics
Russell Chandonnet & Rebekah “BC” Reif
Ryan Lessard
Ryan Santos
S.Bombard Arts
Scott Ethan Ambruson
Sewing Nerd Studios
Shadoe Morgan Art
Shiv Art
Silver Filigree 3 and Naughtysugars
Sky Purple
Soapy Comics
Steve Mardo
The Art of Nick Lanza
The Cape Cod Psychic
The CreatureSmith
The Polymer Okapi
Tim Baird-Author
Tony Kordos Inking
TwinEnigma Design
Zachary Winderl

Artist Alley Registration for GraniteCon 2021

Artist Alley Table – $185 (click to register)
Each artist alley table is 6 feet long, all tables come with two chairs and two passes (there is a three pass maximum per artist). Convention hours are: Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm.

Additional Services:
Hotel WiFi – $25
Electricity – $75

Additional Badges:
$15 (Limit 3. Must be used for staff only.)

Email for more info!

Set-Up & Breakdown Procedure

Set up
• Friday — starting at 12pm until 7pm
• Saturday — 7am-9:30am. VIPs enter at 9:30, so please be ready and have boxes out of the aisles.
• Be sure to use either the loading dock in the back of the hotel, or the parking garage (don’t forget to get it validated for just $6!). On street parking is free on Sunday. Fan Zone exhibitors, be sure to use the loading area on Pleasant St.

Break Down
• Breakdown begins at 5pm on Sunday night. Everyone is usually good about getting out on time.
• Please be sure to flag down a Red Shirt volunteer if you need ANY help! Please call or text me, 603-365-1171 with any questions or concerns! Your feedback is always warranted. Have an amazing weekend!

Bootleg or Unauthorized Merchandise Policy

Granite State Comicon does not permit or condone the sale of bootleg or unauthorized merchandise at the show. The sale and/or display of ANY merchandise shall ONLY BE ALLOWED, where the merchandise has been approved by the license holder for the property depicted and does not infringe on copyright or trademark laws. Merchandise including but not limited to: video, digital, DVD’s, CD’s, and artist’s renderings in any form or format, must not violate the rights of the rights- holder to the property.

By attending the Con as an Exhibitor, or by purchasing a table space in Artist Alley, you are agreeing to follow these guidelines and any violation may result in immediate expulsion from the convention without refund. Granite State Comicon works with law enforcement authorities, licensees, and rights holders to act against the sale of bootleg and unauthorized merchandise at this event.

Failure to comply may additionally be subject to prosecution by local, provincial, and federal authorities who will be given full access to this event

Bootlegging is described as the taking of established published artwork and or digital media and reproducing product for sale that is not owned.