Granite State Comicon, or “Granitecon”, was a one-day, one-room, no-celebrity, comic book and gaming show, started in 2003. It was much smaller then, to be sure, but it was a hit!

Granitecon Staff

Double Midnight Productions’ mission is to provide fans the best in comics, games, and pop culture while maintaining a family-friendly, traditional comic book show atmosphere. Double Midnight started as a small comic book shop in Manchester, NH. Our first convention was the 2003, Granite State Comicon. Over 20 years later, Granitecon continues to serve the needs of our guests, vendors, attendees, and the community as well. We’ve also expanded the retail side with a second store location in Concord, NH.

As we continue to grow, that growth is balanced by our customer service, attention to detail and personal connections; from our Show Producers to the Volunteer Staff. Our goal is not to be the biggest, or have the most celebrities. our goal is to give everyone who attends our events the best experience possible.

We pride ourselves in providing a more intimate experience—fans, comic creators and celebrities get a chance to mingle and chat and enjoy each other’s company. We strive to bring the best and brightest talent in comics, games and entertainment to NH.