Big Dumb Robot Con

Big Dumb Robot Con is a convention for people who build robots… who’d have guessed?
Are you tired of your robotic friends gathering dust in the workshop? Unlike cosplayers who strut their stuff, bot builders often lack the opportunity to showcase their hard work to the public. But fear not, because Big Dumb Robot Con is here to change that!

Join us to marvel at an array of robots inspired by the silver screen, TV shows, video games, comics, and any other genre that has mechanical wonders as characters to build. It’s a unique chance to exhibit your creations, meet fellow builders, and dive into discussions about 3D printing, electronics, transporting, painting, or any other aspect of the craft. Whether you’re a 3D printing aficionado, an electronics guru, or a painting virtuoso, Big Dumb Robot Con provides the perfect setting to swap ideas, share techniques, and revel in the joy of bringing robots to life.

So don’t miss your chance to be a part of this gathering of bot building nerds who throw away money in the most interesting way! Come be a part of the madness at Big Dumb Robot Con and see Bots come to life!

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