Granitecon News

Please welcome, Keith Champagne!

Keith Champagne is a veteran writer/artist/inker best known for his decades of work with DC Comics on Green Lantern, JSA, and many more. He’s currently producing the Stranger Things series of comics for Dark Horse, in addition to several creator-owned properties.    

Please welcome, J.K. Woodward!

J.K. Woodward started his professional comics career in 2003 when he collaborated with A. David Lewis on the indie comic Mortal Coils and Michael Colbert on the Digital Webbing Presents series Crazy Mary where he still does covers. IDW noticed his work on Crazy Mary and offered him a gig doing a CSI:NY limited series […]

Please welcome, Jarrett Melendez!

Jarrett Melendez is a Boston-based food and comic book writer. He is a regular contributor to Food52 and Bon Appetit, and loves to talk about food. He has worked on Murder Hobo: Chaotic Neutral, the Ringo-nominated anthology All We Ever Wanted, Sgt. Werewolf, Full Bleed, and Young Men In Love. Jarrett is the writer and co-creator of Chef’s Kiss […]

Please welcome, Freddie Williams II!

Freddie began work with DC Comics on the Eisner Award winning series Seven Soldiers Mister Miracle. He’s probably best known for illustrating a series of fun and improbable crossovers: The New York Times best selling “Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” “HeMan / ThunderCats” and “Injustice VS Masters of The Universe”, as well as writing […]

Please welcome, Ray Hassett!

Actor Ray Hassett played Echo Base Senior Logistics Officer Tigran Jamiro in “The Empire Strikes Back,” where he famously warned Captain Han Solo (Harrison Ford) it was a suicide mission to jump on a tauntaun and go try to save Commander Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) on the ice planet Hoth. “Your tauntaun’ll freeze before you […]


ATTENTION GRANITEERS! Tickets for #Granitecon2021 Are On Sale Now!! Due to Coronavirus concerns; we encourage our fans to purchase their tickets in advance as we may need to limit the number of tickets sold at the door. Visit now, to purchase tickets for: • Saturday $25.00 • Sunday $20.00 • Weekend $40.00 Guests*: […]

Please welcome, John Ratzenberger!

John Ratzenberger is best known for playing mail carrier ‘Cliff Calvin’ on one of the most popular sitcoms of all time “Cheers.” He had read for the part of Norm Peterson, but after the audition, he could tell they weren’t going to give him the part. Sensing an opportunity, he asked if they had written […]

Please welcome, Elias Chatzoudis!

Elias Chatzoudis is a pinup/cover artist based in USA. He was born in Athens Greece in 1982. In 2000 he studied web and graphic design at a private educational institution. It was there that he first learned about image processing and design programs. After his main education he collaborated with some European and American magazines like Free, Maxim, MAX […]

Please Welcome, Ben Bishop!

Ben Bishop is a comic creator from Maine. Ben created the world’s very first SPLIT DECISION COMIC, THE AGGREGATE ( A comic that puts you in the drivers seat with 4 beginnings, 7 endings and 25 choices in between. The Aggregate was nominated for a 2018 RINGO AWARD for best original graphic novel, the only self […]

Please welcome, Rich Woodall

Rich Woodall is the Co-Publisher of Black Caravan (a Scout Comics Imprint). In addition to co-running the Horror / Sci-Fi / Bizzare imprint, he is also the Creator / Co-Creator of Johnny Raygun, Sgt. Werewolf, The Electric Black, and Gods of Brutality.