Please welcome, Ryan Browne!

A New York based freelance illustrator who has done work including pin-ups and covers for Image comics, Aspen comics and Inbeon studios. Recently working for IDW games and publishing as the head illustrator on there new turn based card game “TRAP” along with a series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cards. Most recently worked with Titan Comics on a series of Doctor Who and Norman Variant comic book covers and pencils and inks on Image Comics Tellos (written by Todd Dezago) Also worked on Marvel Premiere 2017 cards series (sketch cards) along with 2018 Upper Deck X-men Cards series. One of the founders of “Insomniac Art Studio” that will specialize in creator owned projects and fan art, with a focus on current company Zombiepetz and a comic con based children’s book with author Carrie Browne and a second children’s book with football star and author Martellus Bennett.
Instagram: Zombiepetz_rgb
Twitter: Zombiepetz

Granitecon 2019 BROWNE