Please welcome, Paul Pelletier!

Paul Pelletier featured imagePaul Pelletier has been drawing comics professionally for over 25 years. His career began after graduating high-school in his home state of Maine. At this time, he worked odd jobs to pay the bills and drew comics in his spare time for several different small Maine comics companies (often for little to no money). These included Zen The Intergalactic Ninja, Hammac Publications and Alpha Productions. After four years of hard work, he finally landed the assignment that allowed him to do comics full time; Malibu Comics’ “The Ex-Mutants”. 25+ years later and he’s still working steadily in the  industry drawing comics. He’s worked for Marvel Comics, Crossgen Comics and DC Comics, and his work has been seen in such titles as The Incredible Hulk, Aquaman, Paul Pelletier, Flash, Wolverine, Cyborg, Titans, Guardians Of The Galaxy and many, many others. He is currently drawing Batgirl for DC Comics.

Granitecon 2019 Pelletier