Please welcome, Dan Nakrosis!

Dan Nakrosis has penciled, inked, colored or lettered hundreds of kids comics for Archie, Harvey, Disney, Mirage and many more publishers. He co-created  The Conservation Corps for Archie, and has also worked  for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, First, Malibu, Comico, and basically every major comic company.  He spent a short time as an editor at Image, and then became one of the “go to guys” in the emerging Manga Industry, where he adapted and packaged such well known titles as Pokemon, Beserk, Tenchi Muyo, Batman, Spider-Man and the X-Men, the last two he actually took over the publishing after Marvel had cancelled them. He currently has a new book, The DK Zombify Rock n’ Roll Zombies Coloring Book debuting this summer.

granitecon guest Dan Nakrosis