Granitecon News

Please Welcome, Dave Barclay!

*DAVE IS BRINGING HIS YODA REPLICA PUPPET FOR PHOTO OPS* A second generation puppeteer, David Barclay was hired by Lucasfilm and Stuart Freeborn to work on “The Empire Strikes Back” as part of the Yoda build crew. While on set, one of the assistants to Frank Oz, the chief puppeteer for Yoda, became ill and […]

Please welcome, Todd Dezago!

Todd Dezago is a writer best known for his work in comics. He has written for Marvel, DC Comics, Image, Dark Horse, Scout Comics and others. His credits include scripting the adventures of Spider-Man, X-Factor, the X-Men, the Avengers, Marvel Super Hero Squad, the Justice League, Flash, Impulse, Batman, and was co-creator of Young Justice. […]

11th Annual Costume Contest!

Cosplayers! Get ready for our 11th Annual Costume Contest! Saturday, Sept. 18th, DoubleTree by Hilton, 5:30 pm Follow this link for contest rules & registration information: Contest Registration will be at the convention ONLY this year! Registration will be at Cosplace in the Fan Zone (Armory). Tickets: Guests: 2019 Map: Granite […]

Please welcome, Ed Smith!

A New England born and raised cartoonist, who grew up watching and learning the finer points of comic books and cartoons. He grew up to earn a background in illustrating and production for just about any method and media, while still keeping his interests rooted in comic books and cartoons. His work has been produced […]

Please welcome, Redfield Design!

Redfield spends her day teaching high school students what it takes to be a Professional Seamstress as well as the ins and outs of technical theater life. Outside of work, she is building award winning cosplays, placing as a Master Stitcher and Foam Smith. She encourages everyone to be creative and think outside the box. […]

Please welcome, Bill Walko!

Bill Walko is a Connecticut based artist with a concentration in children’s properties, promotional advertising and comic book art. Bill’s work has been published in The New York Times, DC Comics, Archie Comics and a number of independent publishers. His unique animated style has been featured in national advertising campaigns, notably AriZona Beverage’s “SHAQ-Fu Punch” and at […]

Please welcome, Silhouette Cosplay!

Award-winning Boston cosplayer Silhouette has a closet full of Lokis… totally normal. With a love of textures and an eye for fine detailing, her many-layered cosplay builds are full of appreciation for the importance of storytelling in costuming. Some of her more complex creations take her well over a year from conception to completion. While […]

Please welcome, Mini Mal Cosplay!

Mini Mal Cosplay — I’ve always liked dressing up, and have been ‘officially’ cosplaying since 2008. I attended my first convention in 2010. I am a short statured individual, and I have found that my dwarfism has lent well to cosplaying short characters, like Edward Elric, Wicket the Ewok, and Tyrion Lannister. However, that hasn’t […]

Please welcome, Kadrolsha Ona!

Queen of The Paranormal – Kadrolsha Ona is a Pop Culture Icon, Actress, Author, Radio, TV personally, Part of the Exorcist Legacy, Humanitarian & 12X Paranormal Awards Winner. She made her mark with her vast expertise hunting with members of popular TV shows such as Ghost Hunters & Ghost Hunters International. She is considered one […]

Please welcome, Rob Guillory!

Rob Guillory is an Eisner Award-winning American comic book artist. Born, raised and currently based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Guillory is most known for his eight-year run on Image Comics’ CHEW. The book went on to achieve much success, winning two Harvey Awards (including Best New Talent for Guillory), two Eisner Awards, as well as being […]