Meredith Placko

Meredith Placko is a dynamic and versatile figure, known for her impactful contributions to various industries. With a strong foundation in journalism, Meredith’s first career saw her thrive as a respected storyteller within the realms of entertainment and geek culture. Her insightful reporting and interviews connected her with fans on a profound level, establishing her as a trusted voice in the community.

As her journey evolved, Meredith embraced the role of CEO for Turbo Dork, a visionary company that reshaped the tabletop gaming world. Under her leadership, Turbo Dork gained global recognition for its innovative line of paints, captivating miniature painters and gaming enthusiasts with its vibrant and imaginative products.

Recently, Meredith has taken on a new challenge as the CEO of Steve Jackson Games, a renowned game publisher known for creating iconic and engaging tabletop games. With her extensive knowledge of the gaming world and a strong business acumen, she hopes to steer Steve Jackson Games towards new heights. As CEO, Meredith aims to expand the company’s portfolio of games, nurture creativity within the design teams, and foster an inclusive and welcoming gaming community for players worldwide.

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