Luis Antonio Delgado

Luis Antonio Delgado is the NYT bestseller colorist for comic book series like Ghostbusters, TMNT, Star Wars, Godzilla, Transformers, My Little Pony, Cobra Kai, GI JOE.

Luis was born in Mexico City in 1982. Delgado bought his first comic book at age eight, Superman (volume 2) #44, the “Dark Knight over Metropolis” arc. Impressed by watching his two favorite characters in one story, he realized a whole new world was waiting to be discovered.

In 2007, Delgado accomplished his lifelong dream to work in the comic book industry. While finishing studies in Graphic Design at a university, Delgado got the phone number of an animation school his father noticed in an ad. However, the school was closed but Delgado managed to contact a teacher named Raúl Cruz. Delgado took lessons from Cruz and learned about watercolors, acrylics, and digital coloring.

Cruz asked Delgado to go with him to San Diego Comic Con 2007. While helping translate for another artist, Delgado met Tom Waltz. Waltz was too busy at the time but asked Delgado to send him a portfolio of his work. Months later, Delgado got a job coloring a 12-page story in Gene Simmons House of Horrors #3 for IDW Publishing. Then in 2010, Delgado got to work on the Con-Volution one-shot then the What in Samhain Just Happened?! one-shot, Star Trek: Infestation, and Duke Nukem. After that, Delgado accepted an offer to work on the ongoing Ghostbusters series.

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