Erin Lefler

Erin Lefler is a character designer, illustrator, and storyteller. She currently is creating licensed Marvel merchandise artwork for an upcoming project, and previously worked as a merchandise artist creating licensed artwork used for Lucasfilms LTD. from 2017-2020. Erin is the producer and host of her own interview talk show called, “The Drawing Board” since 2020 and appeared on Syfy’s video series “Artist Alley”, drawing Marvel’s Starlord from Guardians of The Galaxy, and her artwork has been displayed at the red carpet premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Erin was nominated and won her first film award for best poster design in 2019 for the short film, ‘Better Uses For the Infinity Gauntlet: A Super Satire.’

Erin is most widely known for her takes on various pop culture characters, ranging from Disney princesses, to marvel superheroes and every category in between. Her work has been featured by companies such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and HOTTOPIC, with several feature articles written about her work on Syfy, Nerdist, and more. She grew up with a passion for Animation, comics, and retro music, and incorporates those early influences into her style. She aims through her work to help give up and coming artists help finding their path in the entertainment industry.

You can find her work on her Instagram, @Butternut_Gouache and on her Twitter, @butternutgouach. You can watch The Drawing Board on YouTube, at

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