Dark Lady Cosplay

Dark Lady Cosplay is a cosplayer with 17 years under her belt. Having cosplayed from Video Games, Anime and everything in between~ For the past 6 years she’s dedicated herself to cosplaying from World Of Warcraft and other Blizzard Entertainment games. And that dedication didn’t go unnoticed. Dark Lady was honored with being chosen as the featured cosplayer in “World of Warcraft In Real Life” a 3 part documentary series released by Blizzard giving you a glimpse into the lives of people in the WoW community.

Along with other partnered content with Blizzard, she’s been honored to get to create to promote her favorite games. She recently won “Cosplayer of the year” from the Game Her Awards, a prestigious award “ Honors the woman or femme identifying cosplayer who has avidly created cosplay content, inspired others, and raised industry standards during the last 12 months. This person will have created interesting, reliable, and motivating content for their fans and fellow gamers, taking cosplaying to a new level during the past year.” Bringing awareness to cosplayers with invisible and chronic illnesses in the process.

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