Boston Reinhardt & Cardboard Gremlin

Boston Reinhardt:

Boston Reinhardt embraces the mantra “go big or go home,” dedicating himself to colossal projects, be it stilt walking or crafting imposing suits of armor. Proficient in the art of foam smithing, he holds the conviction that with sufficient time and an ample supply of foam, any creation is within reach. His prowess in this domain earned him the prestigious Best In Show title at the 2021 Boston Fan Expo’s Masters of Cosplay contest.’

Cardboard Gremlin:

Have you ever hesitated to discard a cardboard box, recognizing its potential beyond mere packaging? If so, you share a kindred spirit with The Cardboard Gremlin. Boasting over a decade of cosplaying experience and an extensive background as a professional graphic designer, she champions the use of any material that best suits your cosplay endeavors. Embracing the philosophy that “cosplay is for everyone,” The Cardboard Gremlin eagerly welcomes conversations. If you get the chance to talk to her, she’ll undoubtedly relish discussing your upcoming creative projects and your next exciting build.

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