Thanks to everyone who has volunteered!
We’re gearing up for quite the show. We look forward to seeing you all at Granite State Comicon!

Volunteer Rules & Regulations

Thank you for volunteering at Granite State Comicon 2016. We acknowledge that your presence is essential to the smooth function of the comic con. We ask that you please follow these guidelines to allow the attendees to have the fullest experience possible.

ALL Volunteers must be on time for their assigned shift(s), it makes it easier on all of us.

ALL Volunteers MUST be available for a minimum of two shifts.

1. Please respect all boundaries of featured and special guests. Do not ask for pictures or autographs or free merchandise (sketches and/or sellable material). We want the guests of Granitecon to feel taken care of and not badgered in their “off” time.

2. COSPLAYING while working your shift is NOT ALLOWED. Please be in your RED SHIRT to acknowledge your presence to attendees.

3. Do not give your volunteer badge or t-shirt to an unapproved volunteer or regular attendee.

4. Respect the property of the convention site, the fans, guests, staff members and fellow volunteers.

5. Respect the direction and decisions of the Granitecon Staff Members.

6. Perform your duties to the best of your ability and advise the Volunteer Coordinator if you are unable to work as scheduled.

7. Deal with conflicts or difficulties in an appropriate manner. Please find a Granitecon Staff to handle disputes.

8. Be courteous, friendly, and operate in a cooperative manner.

9. Your Volunteer Coordinator is: Sarah Wanger. I will be there at all times and can be reached through phone call or texting. 617-448-6887

10. By signing this waiver you also acknowledge that any photos taken of you while volunteering may be used for future use in advertising and marketing.

Volunteer Incentive Program
This year we will continue our new and exciting incentive for volunteers. For every hour you volunteer you will receive one ticket. At the end of the con we will have a vast array of fun, geeky products collected throughout the con (comics, gear, memorabilia, original art, etc.) for you to purchase with your tickets. The more you volunteer the better items you can purchase. There will be items for everyone! We are so appreciative of our volunteers and we are continuing to find new ways to reward you!

THANK YOU AGAIN! We know we can NOT do this without YOU!