Granitecon News

Please welcome, Brandon Clarke!

Brandon Clarke also known as the shapeshifter is an author, cosplayer, singer, and LGBTQ supporter. Since moving to Salem,MA the witch city, he has touched many lives with his passion of the arts. With dressing up as unique and arcane characters he hope’s to inspire the world to be more accepting and kind to everyone’s […]

Volunteer Application Open!

HEROES WANTED! Graniteers, we’re recruiting volunteers for our #Granitecon 2019 Red Shirts! If you’re looking for a fun and different way to see Granitecon then this could be for you – And our Volunteer Application is now active on our website! Specific questions about what a Red Shirt is responsible for? Email us at: […]

Please welcome, Townsend Coleman!

As a busy Hollywood voice-actor, Townsend Coleman is perhaps one of the most recognizable voices on TV. For 16 years, he was the voice of NBC’s “Must See TV” and “Comedy Night Done Right” primetime comedy promos, including hits from Seinfeld and Frasier to 30 Rock and The Office, as well as the promos for […]

Please welcome, Brent Peeples!

Brent Peeples has been working in comics since 2010.  Brent is currently working at Marvel and was handpicked by Rob Liefeld to work with him and Whilce Portacio on a six issue mini-series for an amazing new character called MAJOR X.  Major X will shake up things in the World of the X-Men this April!.  He is also the […]

Please welcome, Bryan Doell!

Bryan Doell of Bryan Doell’s Character Lab is a multi-time award winning cosplayer from Southern Florida but originally from NH! Bryan specializes in foam and plastic fabrication, bringing to conventions some larger than life characters you never expected to see in person, like Juggernaut, Street Sharks and Ronin the Accuser!          

Please welcome, Cam Clarke!

Cam Clarke is a prolific American voice actor and singer, well known for his work in animation and video games. Clarke is well known for providing the voices of Leonardo in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series and Shotaro Kaneda in the 1989 original English-dub of Akira. He often voices teenagers and other […]

Please welcome, Paul Pelletier!

Paul Pelletier has been drawing comics professionally for over 25 years. His career began after graduating high-school in his home state of Maine. At this time, he worked odd jobs to pay the bills and drew comics in his spare time for several different small Maine comics companies (often for little to no money). These […]

Please welcome, Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay!

Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay is an award-winning cosplay couple who specializes in an wide range of techniques to create costumes that are both intricately detailed and impossibly over the top.  Their ever-growing skillset includes advanced needlework, extreme wig work, detailed armor, makeup effects, mold making, lighting, and animatronics.  Most of their intricate outfits will combine multiple […]

Guest Artist Application is now LIVE!

Guest Artist Application In an effort to make our application process as pain-free as possible, we have created the following guidelines to support you in your journey through this application process! Please use these instructions when completing your application for submission to our event. If you have any questions, please email Good Luck.

Please welcome, Tom Hodges!

Tom Hodges, known mostly for working in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, has been concentrating on building his own comic universe with Antiis Comics. Tom has worked on such licenses as Transformers, HALO, Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons and as mentioned, Star Wars.