Redfield spends her day teaching high school students what it takes to be a Professional Seamstress as well as the ins and outs of technical theater life. Outside of work,  she is building award winning cosplays, placing as a Master Stitcher and Foam Smith. She encourages everyone to be creative and think outside the box. Redfield loves taking a two-dimensional character and breathing life into them, making them a living entity, tethering them to this universe with familiar details pulled from research and history. Her cosplays come from popular culture, books, folklore, legends or a mashup of all these things. She believes that details are key, but nothing too jarring (unless the design requires it) as it helps the audience suspend their disbelief.

Details like accessories, cuffs on sleeves and the puffiness of skirts, to prop weapons and armor, all work together and give cohesion to a cosplay and maintain an illusion.  Making sure the garment flows together, not only from fabric to fabric, but from material to material is essential. Redfield also enjoys to learning something during every project. Testing out a new techniques in each build, so she can help teach others in ways that feel comfortable to them and is at the  individual’s skill level.  It can be as simple as a new sewing technique that has only been read about but never previously used, or something totally out of her comfort zone like building a massive Space Marine out of foam. It could even be mental and self-affirming because making a cosplay you are proud of is important as it is also important to feel  that you look your best.  

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