Julian Kay

Julian Kay is a tabletop game writer, designer, and candid critic. He’s won awards (Ennies, The Awards, Okashicon), worked for Level 99 Games, Pelgrane Press, and Green Ronin, and now runs j/k! Games… which is mostly just him, but it lets him use a swanky logo. He also does a lot of little games, like Anarchopunk 2020, Skatepunk: One Page Universal Skateboarding Roleplaying, and Faith & Sails.

Right now he’s been very, *very* busy crowdfunding and printing Mutants in the Now, and its first supplement, Mutants in the Next; a retro-modern mutant-animal role-playing game that owes a lot to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TTRPG of 1985. Featuring art by Fábio Fontes and Sophie Campbell, it brings back anthropomorphic action to the modern tabletop world!

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