Comicon Do’s & Don’ts

Comicon Do’s & Don’ts

DO be friendly, smile, say hi, and make new friends! Be nice to the volunteers, staff, guests, cosplayers, AND each other.

DO stay hydrated and take occasional breaks. It can be a long, hot day (or two, or three).

DO shower & use deodorant. It’s common courtesy, especially in a sea of humanity

DO use hand sanitizer; you don’t want to catch “Con Crud”!

DO wear comfortable shoes! You’ll put in a lot of miles now that we’ve expanded to twice our size!

DO attend panels & workshops – from Artists, to Celebrities, to Fandoms – we have something for everyone!

DO ask artists about sketches. Yes, it may cost money, but you’ll get a one-of-a-kind piece of art, and they love drawing for you!

DO be respectful of other fandoms; at the end of the day we’re all just fans

DO ASK RED SHIRTS QUESTIONS! They’re your best bet for information and directions!

DO have paper copies of anything you need (tickets, schedules, etc).

DO know where the bathrooms are (DON’T be afraid to ask!)

DO be careful about props for cosplay. Remember: you’ll have to carry them all day.

DO tip your hotel cleaners each morning – you have a lot of trash (food, fliers, candy wrappers, etc.) that will accumulate daily.

DO buy an exclusive Wild Bill’s mug; they’re refillable!

DO stay to the right while walking back and forth through the halls.

DO pay attention to the flow of human traffic and go with the flow!

DO look out for our tiny fans and try not to trample them!

DON’T harass cosplayers, they are people just like you.

DON’T forget your camera, there are plenty of sites to see and memories to capture.

DON’T monopolize a Celebrity’s time! Be polite, be cool and be quick while getting autographs Don’t forget, there are other people in line too! The same goes for Photo-Op sessions.

DON’T put your food, drink, or “stuff” on ANY artist/vendor/celebrity tables. You don’t want to accidentally ruin merchandise!

DON’T burn yourself out trying to be everywhere — take it slow.

DON’T forget to bring snacks!

DON’T be a line-cutter; be patient & be respectful of your fellow fans

DON’T ask for a hugs, propose to your significant other, or do anything else embarrassing at panels.

DON’T leave your valuables, personal items, or purchases behind.

DON’T rely just on your phone. You’ll waste batteries, and WiFi can be slow.

DON’T take photos of cosplayers without permission. Be respectful.

DON’T lose your badge. Put it in the same place when you take it off so you’re not hunting for it.

DON’T wear offensive t-shirts or anything that may make other people or Granitecon staff want to ask you to leave.

DON’T stop in the middle of a crowded walkway to take photos. Pull off to the side or move to a less crowded area.