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Live Improv Comedy meets Fantasy Role-playing Games

Dorks in Dungeons is an acclaimed comedy show about delivering the mail in a fantastical world. Using the framework of a tabletop role-playing game, the Dorks create each show with the help of audience suggestions and the whim of a 20 sided die.

The planes of existence are made up of the intermingled screams of Solaria and the Abyss. As you might imagine, that makes for strange and unstable realities. However, one plane of existence otherwise unremarkable.

Following the traditions of a tabletop Role-Playing Game, Dorks in Dungeons uses long-form improvisation to create memorable and hilarious player characters, and face challenges brought to them by a pit of improv actors. Audience members have the power to change the fate of their journey with their suggestions and the ever-coveted Reroll Token. For more information, or show schedules, please visit:

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